We believe play and interactive learning are core drivers in children's creative, educational, and social development. While technology equips us with an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine learning, a crowded market of apps, media, and toys makes it challenging to find the right products for the right time and purpose. We created KidTech to simplify the discovery process for educators and parents by curating special collections of products that are utilizing technology to promote whole child development. We've also integrated customizable search features to help you find the best and newest learning platforms to unlock your child's creativity, skills, and potential. We're excited to explore the new world of play with you.

Collaborative Fund

At Collaborative Fund, we’re inspired by entrepreneurs who are utilizing technology to enhance whole child development. We created Collab+Sesame in partnership with Sesame Workshop to invest in teams that are creating products and services to help children and families live their best lives. If you’re a founder working in the space, we’d love to hear from you and feature your work on KidTech.

Learn more about our investment thesis and reach out to team@kidtech.co to get in touch.